PharmaVentures is a leading specialist healthcare and life sciences business advisory firm assisting world-wide corporations in all aspects of deal transactions, from strategy formulations to implementation. We occupy a special position among advisors because of our extensive experience in deal transactions, strong analytical capabilities and expertise in strategy formulation.

Our Practise Areas

Transactions, Deal Negotiations

Our expertise generates a premium in the deal value and enables a faster completion of the deal. We also coach business development executives about how to negotiate effectively and achieve the best results.

Market Sizing & Forecasting

PharmaVentures has long-standing experience in addressing the potential value of new technologies and novel therapeutic approaches under conditions of high uncertainty.

Product/ Technology/ Company Valuation

Deals cannot be struck without careful valuation of what the parties bring to the table, and PharmaVentures helps our clients in that challenge.

Deal Strategy / Structuring

Develop an appropriate strategy about any offer that should be used to approach the target partner.

Partner/ Product/ Technology Screening

Our domain expertise in deal making ensures a rapid access and evaluation of product and technology targets and proactively supports the initiation of the transaction.

Commercialisation Strategy

Commercial strategy sits at the core of the business models, business plans and financial forecasts which PharmaVentures consultants design based on detailed assessment of company competencies and the external environment.

Due Diligence and Expert Reports

The scope of the due diligence changes depending on need, but all the investigation that is carried out is geared towards understanding the value that resides in the target, while raising red flags around significant risks that may change investment decisions.

Dispute Resolution/ Litigation Support

Our experts have a long history in the industry and this, supported by our robust analytical capabilities, that makes them ideal witnesses during litigation proceedings.