Designing a strategy to take a product to market successfully and then sell it with maximum achievable returns is a critical task of senior management in all companies. It is especially important for biotech companies that lack the relevant resources and experience to fully develop and launch an innovative product. PharmaVentures provides expertise in developing commercialisation scenarios that take account of different product profiles, partnering approaches and deal types to model the most appropriate strategy for our clients. Our strategy consultants have many years of industry R&D and commercial experience, and this capability allows the accurate identification of risks and opportunities and the plotting of a navigational map to maximise returns to our client companies.

Commercial strategy sits at the core of the business models, business plans and financial forecasts which PharmaVentures consultants design based on detailed assessment of company competencies and the external environment. We place a strong emphasis on the options for partnering and the assessment of the value of external collaborations.