Conducting due diligence on a product, a technology platform or a company is a daunting challenge as it requires a very detailed look into technical aspects that are only discernible for those experienced in the technology concerned and in the target market segment. You especially need to analyse the risks that can come from any part of the value chain, including discovery, clinical trials, manufacturing, regulatory aspects, sales channels, and the partners involved. A careful consideration of issues around ownership of and threat to intellectual property that may affect value is also required. An expert report, such as one supporting the submission for listing in a stock exchange, or before a merger, is based on a due diligence exercise. PharmaVentures uses its pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, diagnostics and drug delivery experience in researching and assessing the targets, and writing the detailed reports.

The scope of the due diligence changes depending on need, but all the investigation that is carried out is geared towards understanding the value that resides in the target, while raising red flags around significant risks that may change investment decisions.