Convergence of Healthcare with ICT accelerates

By Ping Shek

The healthcare market today is driven by the overriding need to deliver better patient care at lower cost, whilst being able to serve ever increasing numbers (from an aging population).  Technology and innovation are playing a key role in this.  The convergence of medical technology with information and communications technology (ICT) enhances the delivery of patient service whilst enabling more effective clinician workflow and healthcare provider administration.

The sale in June of Medical Insight, a Danish enterprise imaging software company, to Karos Health, a Canadian healthcare IT solutions provider, where PharmaVentures advised Medical Insight, is an example of this continuing consolidation trend.

The ‘electronic medical platform’ (‘EMP’), typically provided by ICT groups, is becoming the workflow and administration backbone for healthcare providers.  Medical equipment and devices, patient care venues (eg. operating room, radiology centre etc.), Accident and Emergency, ambulances, remote healthcare infrastructure are all integrated into the platform.  This architecture enables mobility, ‘seamless’ interconnection and much improved activity coordination.  The EMP plays a crucial role in the delivery of mobile health (mHealth), remote healthcare and home patient care, all of which play significant roles in helping achieve better patient care at lower cost.  Importantly, these electronic platforms can be provided using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model which has distinct commercial advantages for ICT firms.

It is, therefore, not surprising that many ICT companies are starting to invest in technologies and/or partner with companies that enable them to better compete in this huge market.  For example, Google has struck up a strategic partnership with Alcon (Novartis) to develop its glucose eye monitoring contact lens; it also has an interest in DNAnexus, a bioinformatics company.  Cerner (a healthcare IT company) has teamed up with Siemens to jointly develop solutions in laboratory automation and cardiology information systems.  Dell acquired InsiteOne, a cloud-based medical data management systems.  Moreover, ICT groups are actively evaluating opportunities to gain access to the healthcare ICT market where the cloud SaaS segment is expected to grow at over 20% per year.

Going forward, we would expect ICT companies to increasingly partner with healthcare IT companies and medical device/equipment makers as part of process of developing the electronic medical platform and integrating technologies to ensure these platforms work effectively across the whole healthcare enterprise.  Further, we will see further consolidation in healthcare IT software companies as firms team up to provide more comprehensive IT solutions to healthcare providers that maximise the benefits of being connected to the EMP.  The sale in June of Medical Insight, a Danish enterprise imaging software company, to Karos Health, a Canadian healthcare IT solutions provider, where PharmaVentures advised Medical Insight, is an example of this continuing consolidation trend.

PharmaVentures increases its Asia-Pacific presence

OXFORD, UK, September 24th, 2014

PharmaVentures are delighted to announce that Aki von Roy has joined as an Associate, based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has over 30 years experience in Big Pharma and 16 years in biotech. Aki has been involved in over 18 start-up or merger ventures as director or investor.

His experience includes being Founder CEO of Proacta and CoDa Therapeutics and Founding Director of Corra Life Sciences (USA), Biomatters (NZ) and White Biotech (AUS). He is a former chairman of both private and publicly traded companies including Genesis R&D (NZ), Phylogica (AUS), Vital Foods (NZ) and Phytomedics (USA).

Aki von Roy is currently a Venture Partner at BioPacificVentures and an advisor to Direct Capital. He was previously a partner of Inventages (US$1.5 billion life science fund).

Dr Fintan Walton, CEO PharmaVentures, said “Aki has a unique insight into innovative healthcare in the Asia-Pacific region and he will be a great benefit to both PharmaVentures and its clients”.

Aki von Roy added “I am delighted to join PharmaVentures, a firm with a proven track record in deal making”.

Aki is the former European president of Bristol-Myers Squibb, where he was responsible for US$2.2 billion in sales, more than 7,500 employees and some 40 subsidiaries. In 1997, he retired from BMS to establish RvR Associates, a private investment firm specialising in health and related matters.

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PharmaVentures Advises MedGenesis in Agreement with Pfizer for Its Potential Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

OXFORD, UK, September 17th, 2014

PharmaVentures is pleased to announce that it has acted as advisor to MedGenesis Therapeutix, Inc. (MedGenesis) in their recently announced agreement with Pfizer. MedGenesis’ unique therapeutic approach, which will be used in the clinical development of potential treatments for Parkinson’s disease, delivers GDNF (glial cell-derived neurotrophic factor) precisely to the regions of the brain where it is required via its convection enhanced delivery (CED) technology.

MedGenesis, a Canadian biotechnology company, has adapted the CED approach to enable unprecedented precision in delivery of drugs to predefined areas of the brain. Delivering GDNF to people with Parkinson’s disease in this way offers the possibility of treating the underlying disease rather than just the symptoms.

Adrian Dawkes, Vice President, who led the PharmaVentures team on the deal commented: “We are delighted to have worked with MedGenesis in partnering with one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies to complete development and commercialisation of the GDNF treatment. The CED technology could represent a paradigm shift in the treatment of Parkinson’s and many other neurological diseases“.

Fintan Walton, Chief Executive, PharmaVentures, Ltd added: “PharmaVentures has a strong history in assisting companies in licensing but this agreement is quite special as it creates an exciting and unique partnership for the potential treatment of this debilitating disease “.

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PharmaVentures strengthens its expertise in early stage deal making

OXFORD, England, September 16th 2014

PharmaVentures is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Christopher Berry, formerly of Sanofi’s R&D Transactions Group, as an Associate in the corporate advisory team. Based in Paris, France, Dr Berry has negotiated 56 signed deals since 2010. Partners included universities, biotechnology companies and large pharmaceutical companies.

Dr Berry was responsible for building research collaborations in the areas of anti-infectives, biologics and regenerative medicine, as well as for the Asia-Pacific Therapeutic Unit. He was previously Head of Thrombosis and Haematology in Synthélabo Recherche, one of Sanofi’s predecessor companies. Dr Berry holds a PhD in Pharmacology from King’s College, London and an MBA from the Open Business School and is a fluent French speaker.

 Dr Fintan Walton, CEO, PharmaVentures said “We are delighted to have Dr Berry join us. His vast experience in early stage deal making will compliment our existing team and enable us to continue to offer our clients expert help throughout their deal making processes”.

 Dr Christopher Berry commented “Early stage deal making is essential as pharmaceutical companies strive to build competitive pipelines”.

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PharmaVentures acts as exclusive advisor on the sale of Medical Insight to Karos Health

OXFORD, UK, August 27th, 2014

PharmaVentures is pleased to announce that it acted as exclusive advisor on the sale of Medical Insight, the Danish enterprise imaging software company, to Karos Health, based in Ontario, Canada. The sale was completed in June and announced yesterday by Karos Health.

PharmaVentures CEO, Dr Fintan Walton said, “We are delighted to have been advisors to Medical Insight in this important sector.  This success follows a string of recent global M&A deals advised by us including the recent sale of a biologics manufacturing facility in the US on behalf of a major US pharmaceutical company.”

Ping Shek, PharmaVentures’ lead advisor on the transaction added ‘Inter-operability and cross-enterprise workflow solutions, as well as mobility, are increasingly important components in the delivery of healthcare services such as diagnostic imaging services.  Software and ICT groups in healthcare are increasingly looking to acquire businesses in these areas where they can play strategically into their customer network’.

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