PharmaVentures' Industry Insight: We predict that licensing and partnering activity will remain steady in 2020

As we all know deal making is the life and blood of the biopharma industry and today this activity is truer than ever. In my experience of thirty years in deal making, companies who were most active and persistent in their deal making activity through both ups and downs tend to be more successful. 

Video Interview: NetScientific, Fighting chronic diseases on three fronts.

With more than 89 million chronic disease sufferers in the US alone, NetScienctific is focused on fighting chronic diseases on three fronts to create 'next generation healthcare technologies'.

Are you Planning to Divest R&D or Manufacturing Facilities?

Planning to Divest R&D and Manufacturing Facilities?

Leading CMOs are developing acquisition strategies based on reinforcing their customer base, expanding their geographic reach and broadening their capabilities. Similarly, customers are increasingly demanding simpler sourcing models that can deliver speed and reliability.

Divestment is often the most favoured strategy for surplus manufacturing or R&D assets. Our experience has taught us that delays in the divestment process can significantly erode value and  diminish attractiveness to buyers. Speed and control of the selling process is in a seller’s best interest as site operating costs usually make up a significant part of business operations. Every month of delay could add unnecessary thousands, if not millions to operating costs prior to a sale.

PharmaVentures are Media Partners at the World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress 2015

PharmaVentures and PharmaTelevision are delighted to be Media Partners at the  World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress 2015.

Dr Adrian Dawkes will be recording a series of interviews for PharmaTelevision with the key people attending what looks to be a very exciting event.

Convergence of Healthcare with ICT accelerates

By Ping Shek

The healthcare market today is driven by the overriding need to deliver better patient care at lower cost, whilst being able to serve ever increasing numbers (from an aging population).  Technology and innovation are playing a key role in this.  The convergence of medical technology with information and communications technology (ICT) enhances the delivery of patient service whilst enabling more effective clinician workflow and healthcare provider administration.

Pfizer/AZ: The bigger issue is not M&A but how in the future we find effective medicines

The debate and discussions in the media on the attempted bid by Pfizer for AstraZeneca (AZ) have largely revolved around the short term impact on jobs in the UK as well as the rights of shareholders and how corporations exploit tax loop holes.

The real question is how we as a society can actually find the drugs that are desperately needed for many incurable diseases? The Pfizer bid for AZ is only a symptom [no pun intended] of the continuous reconfiguring and restructuring of how pharmaceutical R&D can be performed so that we can efficiently find these cures.

Pfizer+AZ: Will Mega-Merger Mania Return?

Today the talking point, of course, is the bid by Pfizer for AstraZeneca (AZ)  and whether this is good or bad for pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, R&D, employees, jobs and patients. One thing is for sure and that is the concept that pharma mega-mergers are a thing of the past has just been blown to pieces! So why should we see the return of the pharma mega-merger, what are the drivers and its implications?

Pharma is attracted to early-stage antibody deals in Oncology


Today, the top ten best-selling antibody therapeutics for cancer have accumulated revenues approaching $200 Billion.  

Antibody therapies are successful in increasing patient survival; however, statistics show that there is still room to significantly improve clinical benefits. 

Can 2014 be better than 2013?

I predict that 2014 will be a year where the pharmaceutical industry will be stronger, however, both old and new investment challenges will continue to behold biotech companies.


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