Dispute Resolution and Expert Opinion

PharmaVentures unrivalled experience of dispute resolution and due diligence coupled with real world execution of hundreds of deals over a 24 year period provides a knowledge bank that is frequently called upon by major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, investors and tax authorities to give independent expert opinions and reports in dispute resolutions. From advising on transfer pricing to appearing for court depositions in international jurisdictions we regularly provide expertise in the following areas:

Due Diligence and Expert Reports

Conducting due diligence on a product, a technology platform or a company is a daunting challenge as it requires a forensic evaluation of the technical aspects and their commercial relevance. Frequently these are only discernible by those with suffient expertise in the technology concerned and knowledge of the target market segment. We are experienced at analysing the risks that can come from any part of the value chain, including discovery, clinical trials, manufacturing, regulatory aspects, sales channels, and the partners involved. A careful consideration of issues around ownership of and threat to intellectual property that may affect value is also required.

PharmaVentures has considerable experience providing due diligence and expert reports for investment banks, asset managers and issuers.

Pharma dispute resolution and due diligence

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