Pharma Licensing Professionals

Our pharma licensing professionals work closely with clients for both in-licensing and out-licensing of assets across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medtech sectors. Each transaction team is composed of experienced advisors with relevant industry and commercial experience. Our senior personnel lead every transaction, calling upon diverse skill sets from within the PharmaVentures team.

The pharma licensing process should start well in advance of engaging with potential partners. A thorough self diligence phase covering valuation, positioning, technical and commercial status of the asset and market will deliver downstream benefits in both speed of execution and value of deal generated. Following this, carefully managed engagement with target partners will set up the actual partnering process, ultimately delivering best value in the shortest time. The outcome and duration of deal negotiations can vary widely. This can be dependent on the needs of both sides, the attractiveness of the target, the due diligence procedure and preferences for value distribution by the parties. PharmaVentures’ transaction specialists use tightly controlled transaction processes to facilitate each deal and maximise value to our clients.

Our expertise generates a premium in the deal value and enables a faster completion of the deal. We also coach business development executives in effective negotiation and achieving the best results. We understand the decision-making process during transactions and play a central role in managing practical and emotional challenges and facilitating political resolutions. The speed and success of a transaction very frequently depend on how individuals approach an issue and how (based on their experiences) they deal with the responses they obtain. PharmaVentures’ expert help in these matters can be key to winning the deal.

Pharma licensing business development

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