Asset Valuation

PharmaVentures has provided valuation expertise for pharma/biotech, medtech companies and investors for over 25 years. Our experienced valuation experts provide a range of services including simple benchmark and comparables based valuations; private company valuations; market multiples; full bottom up eNPV;  Discounted Cashflows; Decision Tree Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulations.

Commercial Strategy

Designing a strategy to take a product to market successfully and then sell it with maximum achievable returns is a critical task of senior management in all companies. It is especially important for smaller companies that lack the relevant resources and experience to fully develop and launch an innovative product. PharmaVentures provides expertise in developing commercialisation scenarios that take account of different product profiles, partnering approaches and deal types to model the most appropriate strategy for our clients. Our strategy consultants have many years of medical technology and pharmaceutical industry R&D and commercial experience, and this capability allows the accurate identification of risks and opportunities and the plotting of the optimal course to maximise returns to our client companies.

Commercial strategy sits at the core of the business models, business plans and financial forecasts which PharmaVentures consultants design based on detailed assessment of company competencies and the external environment. We place a strong emphasis on the options for partnering and the assessment of the value of external collaborations.

Deal Strategy

Designing a strategy when preparing for a deal can be a complex exercise. How much consideration it takes will depend on whether the company trying to do the deal has gone through an assessment of its commercialisation options and the values that they might create. This should provide an understanding of what is achievable, what is feasible and what the risks might be with certain partners and their technologies. All these factors need to be considered when developing  an appropriate strategy for approaching target partners with  a proposition.  In a landscape of an increasing number of financing alternatives, and increasingly sophisticated business development executives, one needs to be aware of the many structures that can enable a deal and generate value for a company at different times and following different parts of the commercialisation process. Here, the exploration of industry practices is very important to uncover evidence for value allocations in special strategic circumstances.

Commercial Strategy & Asset Valuation tools

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