Aki von Roy

Aki von Roy has over 30 years’ experience in big pharma and 16 years in biotech and has been involved in over 18 start-up or merger ventures as director or investor. These include Founder CEO of Proacta and CoDa Therapeutics and founding director of Corra Life Sciences (USA), Biomatters (NZ) and White Biotech (AUS).

Aki is the former European president of Bristol-Myers Squibb, where he was responsible for US$ 2.2 billion in sales, more than 7,500 employees and some 40 subsidiaries. In 1997, he retired from BMS to establish RvR Associates, a private investment firm specialising in health and related matters.

Former chairman of both private and publicly traded companies such as Genesis R&D, Phylogica, Vital Foods and Phytomedics Aki is now a Venture Partner at BioPacificVentures and an advisor to Direct Capital. He was previously a partner of Inventages (US$ 1.5 billion life science fund).


Regional Advisor