Nigel Borshell

Nigel joined the team back in 2008 and brings to PharmaVentures’ clients specialist expertise in valuation methodologies, deal structuring modelling and pricing, and has extensive experience in major global pharmaceutical corporation site divestments in the USA and across Europe.

With a strong background in senior international commercial management roles in both diagnostics and biotechnology firms, Nigel brings insight into a breadth of life science industry sectors gained at drug testing specialists Syva Company, at Hoechst, US diagnostics leader Dade Behring, and as European Business Development Director for the California-based molecular biology company Cepheid.

With over 35 years experience in Life Sciences Nigel is the author of numerous Pharmaceutical/Biotech Industry reports, papers and articles, including most recently:-

The Royalty Rate Report 2012: A Comprehensive Assessment of Valuation in the Pharmaceutical Sector; Cartwright & Borshell; ISBN: 978-0-9568270-2-9 Print

Approaches to Valuation of Pharmaceutical Licensing Deals;  Ahmed & Borshell; Published by PharmaDeals 2012, ISBN 978-0-9568270-6-7 Print

Valuation benefits of structure-enabled drug discovery: Borshell & Congreve; Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, March 2011, Volume 10.

Pharmaceutical royalties in licensing deals: No place for the 25 per cent rule of thumb; Borshell & Dawkes, Journal of Commercial Biotechnology,Vol 16, No 1 (2010).


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