Contract Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Recipharm

In this exclusive interview, Fintan Walton, CEO of PharmaVentures, speaks with Marc Funk, the new CEO of Recipharm.

Recipharm is a leading Swedish CDMO, founded in 1995, which has expanded to over 30 sites across 10 countries which are mainly in Europe, but also in Israel, India, and North America. The company’s successful inorganic growth has been largely through the build and buy model of its founders, according to Marc.

They discuss the company’s current situation and how Marc plans to take it forward, including: 

  • The takeover of Recipharm by EQT, a global investment organisation with a “passion for future-proofing companies” 
  • Focus on operational excellence, meeting the needs unmet by the competition, emerging technologies, and innovation 
  • Opportunities in the areas of small molecules, biologics, and North America 
  • Recipharm’s and EQT’s “priority 1” – customer focus 
  • Affordable and safe drugs 
  • How Recipharm are operating during the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • What Marc sees as his biggest challenges, both now and in the future 

Watch: Contract Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Recipharm

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