About PharmaVentures


PharmaVentures is a premier transaction advisory firm and a leading international company in partnering, M&A deals and strategic alliances. For the past 30 years, PharmaVentures has acted as advisor on over 1,000 deal related projects covering licensing, mergers, acquisitions, divestments, and joint venture activities for companies worldwide.

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Our Mission Statement

To serve and support pharmaceutical, biotech and related innovation driven healthcare corporations, regardless of size, in successful deal making.

More About Us 

PharmaVentures’ deep bank of specialist experience, deal analytics and network of contacts among innovators and large pharma makes it uniquely placed to support business in all aspects of deal making and strategic planning. PharmaVentures is well known for its deep insight into deal structures and its success for generating partnering interest.

PharmaVentures is based in London and Oxford, UK, and employs over 30 professionals and has associates in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

PharmaVentures Capital Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of PharmaVentures Ltd. All regulated activities are delivered through PharmaVentures Capital Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (741356).

Our Services Include:

  • M&A (divestments, mergers, acquisitions, and strategic transactions)
  • Licensing (in and out licensing)
  • Fundraising
  • Strategy (commercialisation, deal strategy, due diligence, market entry)
  • Valuations (licensing, M&A, fundraising, and expert testimonies)
  • Pricing and Market Access

Achieving Our Mission

Our Mission will be achieved through how we value our Clients and our People, and how we utilise our talents and core competencies to develop and deliver a leading-edge service that reflects our Expertise, Intelligence and Knowledge:

Our Clients: Alongside the value we place on our people, we truly value our clients – no matter how large or small their organisation or budget. Our commitment is to enable our clients to attain their goals through our exceptional people.

Our People: We are proud that when we recruit we select the best and most suitably qualified individuals to ensure that we employ both a permanent team of high-calibre professional advisors, business analysts and executives. These high-calibre professional advisors shall provide and maintain the highest standards and full commitment to our clients without whom the Company would be unable to deliver it’s Mission. All employees are provided with the opportunity to excel at what they do best and will be given every opportunity to develop and receive recognition for their achievements.

Quality on Time: Our promise is the provision of quality specialist services and their delivery to our clients on time.

Expertise: Our expertise has been developed through years of extensive practical, hands-on experience, which is built upon personnel with an educational foundation from the world’s leading universities and business schools.

Intelligence: Our unique intelligence is key to the provision of our exceptional corporate advisory services.

Knowledge: Our knowledge is gained through our extensive and diverse personal experience, and is supported by the continuing disciplines of mandate execution, on-going research and analysis performed by our outstanding teams.

Company Values That We Demand Of All Our Employees:


Client Driven


Results Oriented


Collaboration Ethos


Learning and Development Focused


Embracing Change