For the past 29 years, PharmaVentures has acted as advisor on over 900 deal related projects covering licensing, mergers, acquisitions, divestments, and joint venture activities for companies world-wide

We have unrivalled strategic insight in the commercialisation and transaction of assets and companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech and diagnostics sectors. We have been trusted by major corporations, high growth biotechs and emerging companies to provide insight and advice to help these businesses achieve their strategic goals. Operating globally in M&A, licensing, divestments and fundraising, we have the skills and experience to help you drive your business forward.

PharmaVentures attends key conferences and meetings to discuss our services and we also attend events on behalf of our clients, promoting advisory mandates in M&A and licensing across the life science sector. 

How To Meet Us

We often have opportunities that could be transformative to your business, especially with the optimal strategy and best execution.

Our team attending these events are available to speak with you about your own requirements. To book a meeting, email us at:

Upcoming Webinar

22nd June, 2021 / 4pm CET / 10am EST / 3PM BST

How is M&A Shifting the Pharma Manufacturing Landscape?

This webinar will examine the trends and developments driving deal-making in the current market.

Upcoming events

9-11 June 2021 


Dr Fintan Walton, Founder & CEO at PharmaVentures alongside Dr Adrian Dawkes, Managing Director and Luke Lee, Associate will be presenting. 

10-11 & 14-18 June 2021 

BIO-Digital 2021

Dr Adrian Dawkes, Managing Director & Stephen Waterman, Managing Director will be available for 1-1 meetings to discuss fundraising and partnering.

Find out more about PharmaVentures’ Korean Market Expertise

24 June 2021 


Dr Adrian Dawkes, Managing Director and Luke Lee, Associate, will be presenting. 

Recent events

19 May 2021 

BIA Start-up Festival

Mark Andrews, Managing Director chaired a panel discussion and Dr Adrian Dawkes attended 1-1 meetings.

17-19 May 2021 

BIO-Equity Europe

Mark Andrews, Managing Director attended this virtual event.

28-30 April 2021 

Sachs Neuroscience Innovation Forum 

Mark Andrews, Managing Director attended this virtual event. 

10-15 April 2021 

AACR Annual Meeting

Dr Adrian Dawkes, Managing Director, attended this virtual event.

22-25 March 2021 

BIO-Europe Spring Digital 2021

Summer Park, Senior Business Development Director attended this virtual event.

11 March 2021 

N-Site Expert Advice Clinic

Dr Adrian Dawkes, Managing Director attended this virtual event and took part in 1-1 meetings.

1-3 September 2020

Biotechgate Digital Partnering

Summer Park, Senior Business Development Director attended this virtual event. 

PharmaVentures InSights:
The impact of conference cancellations on dealmaking
during the Covid-19 pandemic

Can Partnering Conference Cancellations Affect Dealmaking in 2020?

We all got used to the partnering conference circuit as a means to introduce the latest developments to potential partners. So now they are all temporarily suspended whilst we overcome the current global health challenge, how do you make sure your opportunities are still getting in front of your potential partners.

PharmaVentures has been successfully connecting buyers and sellers for over 28 years with and without partnering conferences.

PharmaVentures’ CEO, Dr. Fintan Walton talks about how PharmaVentures is continuing a business as usual approach for all of our clients.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to help you carry on dealmaking.