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What We Do

PharmaVentures is a premier transaction advisory firm and a leading international company in partnering, M&A deals and strategic alliances. For the past 29 years, PharmaVentures has acted as advisor on over 900 deal related projects covering licensing, mergers, acquisitions, divestments, and joint venture activities for companies worldwide.

PharmaVentures’ deep bank of specialist experience, deal analytics and network of contacts from innovators to large pharma makes us uniquely placed to support business in all aspects of deal making and strategic planning.

PharmaVentures is based in Oxford, UK, and employs over 20 professionals and has associates in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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Our Services

PharmaVentures is well known for its deep insight into deal structures and its success for generating partnering interest.

We have an experienced team of high-calibre professional advisors, business analysts and executives to provide and maintain the highest standards and full commitment to our clients, as well as dedicated professional support staff.


We support our clients with strategic advice and full end-to-end process management capabilities to derive optimum value from their M&A, divestments and strategic transactions, from identifying acquisition targets to advising on their exit strategy.

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Top tier pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, diagnostics, medtech, healthcare IT and life science research companies, universities and technology transfer agencies have trusted us to deliver the best licensing deals for their assets.

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By entrusting the fundraising process to us, CEOs can concentrate on fulfilling their operational demands. We will ensure that the contractual terms reflect the spirit of the term sheet and subsequent negotiations. You are tapping into our experience and depth of knowledge gained from negotiating financing deals globally.

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Using internal therapeutic expertise coupled with targeted data analytics, PharmaVentures works in collaboration with clients to develop actionable strategies to maximise their opportunity and mitigate risk.

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Valuation & Positioning

We have valued assets across a wide range of different therapy areas such as CNS, Ophthalmology, Oncology, GI and Respiratory diseases. A number of major pharmaceutical companies have also relied upon our valuations for determining the outcome of a number of high profile contractual disputes.

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Dx Deal Review 2023

In 2023, the diagnostics sector saw over 430 Dx-related transactions, averaging approximately 110 deals per quarter. USA and North America generally dominated the deal space, with 68% of sellers and...

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PharmaVentures Insights

Our Track Record

We conducted a detailed assessment of the market opportunities, technology risks and developments, launch and marketing costs via scenarios of “go-it-alone”, “outright sale”, “out-licensing for royalties” as well as “out-licensing with co-promotion”. The value generated was modelled and the scenarios were prioritised. Partnering and deal strategies were developed for the selected optimal strategy and incorporated into a business plan.

PharmaVentures developed a customised search strategy based on the specific requirements of the client, which involved a systemic country by country identification of candidates with the correct therapeutic indications, combined with their commercial potential and availability for the territories of interest.

PharmaVentures conducted a compound valuation (bottom-up and benchmarking using PharmaDeals Agreements® data) providing the basis for future negotiations. We also carried out a thorough company screening and evaluation assessment to identify and prioritise potential licensees. Following the screening, within the space of a month our transaction team approached all the target companies with a carefully constructed value proposition using a non-confidential information package. 

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What Our Clients Say

“I feel I made an excellent choice in PharmaVentures to serve as my exclusive advisors for the sale of the Company. They have a comprehensive understanding of our business and helped me identify the ideal partner that shared our strategic vision…I truly value the professional advice and the expert guidance made through every step of the process which enabled us to close the transaction to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.”

Sabine Husmann-Holloway, Co-Founder & CEO, ERA Consulting Group