Independent Expert Reports to Optimise your IPO Process

Companies frequently seek to list on an appropriate stock exchange, such as Alternative Investment Market (AIM) as part of their growth strategy. There are many statutory requirements needing specialist input. Companies may include an independent technical/commercial report for incorporation into the AIM submission document.

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Expertise and knowledge

PharmaVentures has a strong track record for writing Independent Expert Reports for companies listing on public markets such as AIM. These reports assist both the lay person and those with industry experience to understand how the company’s particular technology is positioned against competitors, where it brings technical or clinical benefits and how that relates to commercialisation.

We specialise in the life sciences industry. We provide our clients with Independent Expert Reports to help their potential investors gain a good understanding of their assets in the context of the relevant sector. We are sometimes introduced by Nominated Advisors working on behalf of the company aiming to float.

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    Technical and commercial considerations, clearly presented – through our deep knowledge of the pharma, biotech and medtech sectors, we have the expert commercial and technical insight to provide the information potential investors can consider when reviewing the AIM submission documentation
    Associated risks and mitigation making sure potential investors are informed of technical and commercial risks and highlighting what has been done to mitigate these. If you are considering an IPO, we can help you improve your changes of realising your company’s full potential.

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    What Our Clients Say

    “Spectral MD is delighted to IPO on the AIM market. This funding will be used to support further development of our diabetic foot ulcer application and to initiate our expansion into the UK and EU markets.”

    Marc Dudek
    Director of Business and Corporate Development
    Spectral MD