Oxford, UK- June 27 2011: PharmaDeals®, the publishing division of PharmaVentures, announced today the launch of PharmaDeals v4 Enterprise Edition, a new integrated resource with a comprehensive, searchable and interactive library of reports, articles, agreements, video, graphs and deal data. As well as access to new online content, the resource also provides users with a range of applications and tools for tracking, alerting and analysing information.

Fintan Walton, Chief Executive of PharmaVentures, the experts in deals and alliances, says, “Our research shows that pharma and biotech deal makers have to be increasingly more creative to secure the deals that count. Understanding the nature and extent of this new generation of deals is critical, as is a firm grasp of the established benchmarks and methodologies for deal making.” Dr Walton continues, “Against this background, it’s perhaps not surprising that our customers have expressed a need for a single point of access to our extensive range of deal making resources – whether it’s a ‘how to’ guide, our expert analysis of trends, or direct access to the most comprehensive bank of industry data and agreements. But they want speed and ease of access too, irrespective of the type or source of information.”

Anne Vindenes Allen, PharmaDeals’ Executive Director, adds, “Our range of customers need to access and use our data and expertise in different ways, and this is addressed withPharmaDeals v4 Enterprise Edition. Market research, marketing and brand managers use the product to track competitors’ deal making activities and stay apprised of the deal making arena. Business intelligence, business development, strategic planning and licensing executives use this vital information to empower their business decisions and benchmark deals. Furthermore, information about industry deals is valuable to R&D, discovery, financial institutions, and consultants. Through creating a fully online resource, and making it easier for our customers to see the full context through intelligent linking and classification, we have just made it possible for them to find all the key deal making information they need in one place”. PharmaDeals are currently taking applications for company-wide demonstrations and trials to the new resource.

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