Oxford, England, 6th September 2018

PharmaVentures Ltd (“PharmaVentures”) is pleased to announce that it acted as exclusive adviser to Vital Food Processors Ltd (“Vital Foods”), an agricultural science company founded in New Zealand, on an asset purchase agreement with Mundipharma for the global rights beyond New Zealand to commercialise Zyactinase™ – a clinically-proven gastrointestinal consumer health product.

Zyactinase™is the basis of market leading, natural, plant-based consumer health products for the promotion of digestive health.  Zyactinase™ is a freeze-dried extract of Kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) that has been developed as a constipation relief product as well as for long-term gut health. It contains a protease complex, fiber, pectin and fructo-oligosaccharides that stimulates increased bowel movements.

Under the agreement, Mundipharma will initially focus on the commercialising of Zyactinase™ to establish a foothold in the US and Canada markets, while continuing to supply existing partners. It will then look to expand its marketing and distribution footprint globally.

This agreement will also enable the extension of the company’s Senokot®product range in the US, which is also an all natural, clinically proven digestive health supplement for the treatment of constipation. (see http://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/mundipharma-closes-acquisition-of-vital-food-processors-limited-assets-and-secures-global-rights-to-692559241.html)

Adrian Dawkes, Managing Director, who led the deal at PharmaVentures, commented; “The consumer health space has seen significant deal activity recently and, not surprisingly, there was a lot of interest in Vital Foods’ assets. We are delighted to have been able to secure this deal with Mundipharma who are ideally placed to maximise the potential of Zyactinase”.

Fintan Walton, Founder and Chief Executive of PharmaVentures said; “We are particularly pleased to have brought PharmaVentures’ broad experience and skills to bear in another cross-border deal where the pairing of high-quality assets from Vital Foods with an ideal acquirer in Mundipharma has resulted in an excellent outcome for all”.