With over 24,000 deals and alliances completed in the Life Science industry over the past 10 years, current and readily available statistics and insight is an essential part of business development. PharmaVentures, a leading provider of specialist consultancy and intelligence services, has launched a bespoke on-demand, 48 hour turn-around analysis service, PharmaDeals® Research.

Aimed at busy executives needing access to high quality and timely deal analysis information, this new service, enables licensing , business development and senior executives to quickly obtain the answers to their specific deal and competitor-related questions, whenever they need them, to support negotiations, valuations and transactions.

The PharmaVentures team of business analysts working on PharmaDeals® Research combine direct, in-depth pharmaceutical industry experience with advanced scientific and business qualifications. The analysts are able to research and produce a range of intelligence data in the following areas; benchmark reporting, deal area analysis, contract analysis and deal insight, equipping executives with exactly the intelligence they need to negotiate and structure deals successfully.

Fintan Walton, CEO of PharmaVentures said; “PharmaVentures serves the global pharmaceutical industry and has advised over 1000 companies in 38 countries in driving their development. We have a comprehensive intelligence bank containing constantly updated worldwide industry information. PharmaDeals® Research builds on this information and the service was developed after we identified that there was demand from companies wanting quick access to tailored analysis. By having this intelligence at their fingertips executives are better empowered to make sound decisions, equipped with the latest views of the industry.”

Executives are able to subscribe to PharmaDeals® Research using a flexible credit method system. Each request will use a certain number of credits, and credits not used in the year can be carried over to the next year. Credit can also be used against PharmaVentures consultancy services.

For more information on PharmaDeals® Research please contact 01865 784 177 or emailenquiries@pharmaventures.com

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