Case Study: Market Sizing & Forecasting

The Challenge

A Research & Development company was approaching the end of Phase II trials with a re-formulated compound. Although the company had confidence over their forecasts for the US, they lacked an understanding of the more complex European and Asian markets. They needed to gain a detailed understanding of the opportunities and risks prior to starting partnering negotiations.

The Solution

The market sizing project was designed for two stages. In Stage 1 PharmaVentures conducted a primary market research with Key Opinion Leaders in the main markets of focus to obtain data on potential use, penetration, price sensitivity of the product and its relative value compared to main current and future competitors.

This was complemented with a pipeline review of all novel compounds targeting the same segments. The outputs formed Stage 2, an epidemiology based, detailed forecasting across several markets that were impacted by key competitive, pricing and regulatory events. Subsequently the client went on to conduct a full valuation of the opportunity for the purposes of strategic alliances.