Case Study: Series A Fundraising

Why PharmaVentures?

PharmaVentures was chosen because of its expertise in valuation, partnering and fundraising and its network of key decision makers within major investment institutions with whom they are in regular dialogue with.

This mixture of skills and connections positioned PharmaVentures to translate technical, scientific value into a commercial proposition and then negotiate the investment to completion, deriving optimal value for the client from their fundraising transaction.

The Series A Fundraising Challenge


Biosceptre wanted to carry out a series A fundraising to allow them to advance their three oncology clinical assets which were BIL010t, a polyclonal antibody ointment for the topical treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers, BIL06v, a peptide protein  conjugate and BIL03s, fully human domain monoclonal, both for systemic uses targeting solid and blood cancers.


The Solution

Initially, PharmaVentures conducted an independent valuation for Biosceptre’s developmental assets. Following this, PharmaVentures was appointed to partner its preclinical and early clinical asset portfolio, and/or to raise capital.

PharmaVentures deployed a dual-track process, during which we:​

  • Provided our expert opinion on optimal deal structures​
  • Developed a compelling “investment story” for each of the audience group (strategic partners vs financial investors)​
  • Connected the client with key decision makers in each target company​
  • Managed the BD&L process, including marketing, developing relationships with potential investors and partners, and negotiation support.​

A Series A investment was successfully closed, whereby a Chinese VC group Tuspark invested in Biosceptre.