Global Licensing Seminar II : The Impact of COVID-19 and Analysis of Licensing Deals

Special COVID-19 Session: COVID-19 impact on the biopharmaceutical global licensing landscape and how to maximise attendance at digital partnering events (SP)


This is a very good seminar! This will be useful to get the global licensing picture not only in pharma, but in other areas too. (너무 좋은 세미나입니다! 단순히 제약분야뿐만이 아닌 타분야 글로벌 라이센싱에서도 굉장한 도움이 될것같네요)

Licensing deal structures: what to think of when negotiating (AD)


Thank you for such a useful seminar! (유익한 세미나 감사드립니다!)

Salmon Gom

I’m not sure we can take such useful information for free so easily… This is amazing. (이런 알짜배기 정보를 무료로 이렇게 쉽게 얻어가도 될지…대단하네요)

Analysis of various licensing deals (SP/AD)

Boy Anguk

The Yuhan deal story is interesting. (유한양행 딜 이야기 흥미롭습니다)

Boy Anguk

I hope there will be more of such good seminars. (이런 좋은 강연이 더 많아지면 좋겠습니다)

Cheol-hui Han

Thank you for preparing such a good seminar. For the next seminars, please consider sending and letting the audience study the seminar materials (summary) before the event, and distribute the full version to the audience as you have been doing. (좋은 세미나 준비해주셔서 감사합니다. 향후 다른 세미나때는 강의자료(요약본)을 사전 학습할 수 있게 해주고, 강의에 참석한 분들에게 강의자료(Full Version)를 기존처럼 메일링 해주시면 감사하겠습니다.)



Please distribute the seminar materials from the BD101 session (last seminar series). The content of this seminar is very helpful. (BD101부터 발표파일을 주시면 좋을 것 같습니다. 무척 도움이 되는 내용입니다.)

Global Licensing Seminar I : Basic Process and Negotiations

BD101: how to do licensing deals for beginners

Licensing deal negotiations for a successful partnership

Global licensing deal trends and what this means for Korean biopharma companies