Watch: How to achieve success in deal making

Hard lessons from 30 years of experience 

A conversation with Fintan Walton, Founder of PharmaVentures

Tony Jones, Chief Executive of One Nucleus, caught up with Fintan Walton to discuss the evolution of the deal making processes, where it is going in the future and what role PharmaVentures plays in deal making to support clients globally.

This insightful interview is useful to those new to deal making, but also interesting viewing for experienced deal makers who may recognise some of the situations they discuss, hard lessons from 30 years of experience.

How to achieve success in deal making

  • Learn the 3 key things you need in a successful transaction
  • What is the emotional aspect of deal making and what does the negotiator need to understand and recognise when they enter the meeting room?
  • How do you meet the biotech challenge – getting your voice heard by key decision makers within the pharmaceutical companies?
  • What are the key drivers for pharmaceutical companies when doing deals?
  • Gain insight into preparations for due diligence and negotiation

Hard lessons from 30 years of experience

  • Find out how the structures, dynamics and trends within deal making have evolved and how the marketplace has changed
  • Gain insight into how PharmaVentures’ experience and the time invested by the team to get to know their clients, makes a difference to the deal outcome
  • Understanding culture, language and having the experience for successful global deal making – critical resources PharmaVentures provides for its clients
  • Discover how PharmaVentures opens the doors for clients and how diversity within the team enables the company to reach out across cultures


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00:00 – Introduction
– Opening doors for clients
– The deal making process and when do you get into the valuation discussion on behalf of a client?
– The emotional aspect of deal making
– Accessing specialised additional resource
– Meeting client demands
– Being prepared for due diligence
– The biotech challenge – getting your voice heard
– What’s the driver for deal making with pharmaceutical companies?
– Successful deal making – an art or a science? 

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