Korean Market Expertise


Over the past couple of years, we have seen huge growth in the pharma and biotech industry within Asia, and especially in Korea.

Historically, the Korean pharmaceutical industry was built on manufacturing and generics capabilities, however, in the past few decades many more innovative technologies and products have emerged.

Viewed as the next semi-conductor industry, and therefore a significant boost to the economy and a generator of large numbers of high value jobs, higher numbers of Korean companies and investors have become very active in new drug and technology development – with significant support from the Korean government.

How can we help you?

PharmaVentures has an expert team including Korean-speakers, working in this emerging market to help you explore the new business opportunities that Korea has to offer.

Upcoming Events

21 October 2021

Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention 2021

Dr Adrian Dawkes, Managing Director, will be presenting a session on the impact of COVID-19 on deal trends.

Dedicated Advisors

Luke Lee​
Phone: +44 (0) 7859 885177

Jessie (Sangmin) You

JungHyun Eom
Business Analyst

Adrian Dawkes​
Managing Director
Phone: +44 (0) 7931 428487


On the 24th June, Dr Adrian Dawkes, Managing Director, and Dr Luke Lee, Associate, took part in a valuation series at SEOUL BIOHUB to share insight into key valuation concepts and modelling approaches to support transactions with case study examples and live Q&A.

The valuation series includes:

• Seminar 1: Asset Valuation 101
• Seminar 2: Advanced Valuation Concepts
• Seminar 3: Real-World Application and Case Studies
• Q&A session

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On the 12th June 2020, Dr Adrian Dawkes, Managing Director, and Summer Park, Senior Business Development Director, took part in a number of live sessions at SEOUL BIOHUB 2020.

Our Case Studies

PharmaVentures acts as advisor to Intocell on their ongoing collaboration agreement with Cellectar

PharmaVentures is pleased to announce that it is acting as advisor to Intocell on their ongoing collaboration agreement with Cellectar.

PharmaVentures advises GPCR Therapeutics on their acquisition of Burixafor

PharmaVentures acted as an advisor to GPCR Therapeutics, Inc (GPCR) providing due diligence for their acquisition of Burixafor targeting CXCR4.

Valuation advisor to Yuhan Corporation on its licensing of Lazertinib for NSCLC to Janssen

At the time of engaging PharmaVentures, Yuhan had been in dialogue with a number of potential licensees. In order to strengthen the Lazertinib story, Yuhan requested PharmaVentures to conduct a comprehensive valuation of the asset.