Case Study: European Biotech Licensing Transactions

Why PharmaVentures?

PharmaVentures was chosen because its experience in valuing clinical development assets, marketing these and supporting the negotiations leading up to the closure of licensing deals.

The Biotech Licensing Challenge

A European biotech needed to licence a clinical phase compound to treat a CNS disease.

The Solution

PharmaVentures conducted a compound valuation (bottom-up and bench marking using PharmaDeals Agreement s® data) providing the basis for future negotiations. PharmaVentures also carried out a thorough company screening and evaluation assessment to identify and prioritise potential licensees. Following the screening, within the space of a month PharmaVentures’ transaction team approached all the target companies with a carefully constructed value proposition using a non-confidential information package.

PharmaVentures managed the exchange of Confidential Disclosure Agreements followed by the facilitation of meetings leading to the exchange of confidential data presentations. PharmaVentures also set up and managed a confidential data room.