Case Study: Pharmaceutical Company Growth

Why PharmaVentures?

PharmaVentures was chosen because its knowledge of the global pharmaceutical market, access to proprietary data resources as well its transaction experience in effectively acquiring these on behalf of clients.

The Challenge

A major pharmaceutical company was seeking mid market growth products for emerging markets.

The Solution

PharmaVentures developed a customised search strategy based on the specific requirements of the client, which involved a systemic country by country identification of candidates with the correct therapeutic indications, combined with their commercial potential and availability for the territories of interest. These prospects were delivered to the client on a rolling weekly basis, with an initial data pack, with sufficient information to allow the client to select leads. For each lead Pharmaventures generated a tailored proposal which was the basis of formal and confidential approach by PharmaVentures on behalf of our client to capture the business opportunity.

This project has identified many more promising leads than the client had been able to achieve with its own resources and PharmaVentures has contributed to an efficient acquisition process.