Case Study: The Pharma Product/ Technology/ Company Valuation

The Pharma Product/ Technology/ Company Valuation Challenge

A US specialist drug delivery company needed urgently to get a valuation of a potential acquisition candidate company. With its delivery technology the candidate company held a strong IP position in an undeveloped but emerging market area. The challenge was to understand fully the potential for the technology, find and evaluate benchmark comparable transactions to assist in the valuation and negotiation process.

The Solution

PharmaVentures undertook an in depth assessment of the drug delivery landscape to help position the underlying technology alongside competitors, and investigated the unique potential offered by the IP held by the target company.

A detailed search was then carried out using PharmaDeals Agreements® followed by a critical selection of the relevant benchmark deals using PharmaVentures extensive in-house expertise in drug delivery technologies and valuation criteria in this dynamic field.

The final valuation gave our client confidence about the acquired technologies’ potential and provided the expert basis for the deal negotiation.