Case Study: Pharma Transactions, Deal Negotiations

The Pharma Transactions Challenge

A large corporation planned to sell one of its key technology platforms and the compound originating from the Intellectual Property.

The client asked PharmaVentures to generate a pharma transaction process and close a deal with the highest bidder for the opportunity.

The Solution

PharmaVentures conducted a thorough company screening and evaluation assessment to identify and prioritise potential acquirers with a good match for the technology and a strong strategic need in the relevant therapy area. Following the screening, within the space of a month PharmaVentures’ transaction team approached all the target companies with the value proposition using a non-confidential information memorandum and the consultants thorough knowledge of the scientific area.

After the exchange of Confidential Disclosure Agreements this was followed by due diligence, technical communication and road show run by the transaction experts on behalf of the client company management. This process achieved several high bids and a final attractive transaction value within six months of start of the project.