PharmaVentures partnered with Informa to deliver a live panel discussion in the form of a webinar.

Chaired by Dr Fintan Walton, CEO and Founder of PharmaVentures, the webinar took the form of a panel discussion with:

  • Jonathan Seaton, Head of Corporate Business Development, Bio-Rad
  • Dr Paul MacLeman, Professional Company Director
  • Dr Adrian Dawkes, Managing Director, PharmaVentures
  • Dr Jansen Jacob, Vice President, PharmaVentures

What does this webinar address?

Whilst the mega deals make the headlines, it is the smaller companies who are shaping the M&A landscape with their interesting and innovative deals. They have the drive and efficiencies that allow them to do deals more quickly.

In this webinar, the panel brought its unique insight into the issues, challenges, and benefits of doing M&A deals amongst small to mid-sized Diagnostics, MedTech, CDMO & CRO companies.
Watch to learn the answers to the following

  • Why are strategic thinking and preparation key to success?
  • How do you avoid failure in doing M&A?
  • What are the key drivers for companies taking the M&A route?
  • What are key lessons from selling and buying businesses?
  • What negotiation tactics work?
  • How important is the asset vs the people in acquiring a business?