Watch: How Small/Mid-Size Firms are Shaping the Healthcare M&A Market

PharmaVentures partnered with Informa to deliver a live panel discussion in the form of a webinar.

Chaired by Dr Fintan Walton, CEO and Founder of PharmaVentures, the webinar took the form of a panel discussion with:

  • Jonathan Seaton, Head of Corporate Business Development, Bio-Rad
  • Dr Paul MacLeman, Professional Company Director
  • Dr Adrian Dawkes, Managing Director, PharmaVentures
  • Dr Jansen Jacob, Vice President, PharmaVentures

What does this webinar address?

Whilst the mega deals make the headlines, it is the smaller companies who are shaping the M&A landscape with their interesting and innovative deals. They have the drive and efficiencies that allow them to do deals more quickly.

In this webinar, the panel brought its unique insight into the issues, challenges, and benefits of doing M&A deals amongst small to mid-sized Diagnostics, MedTech, CDMO & CRO companies.
Watch to learn the answers to the following

  • Why are strategic thinking and preparation key to success?
  • How do you avoid failure in doing M&A?
  • What are the key drivers for companies taking the M&A route?
  • What are key lessons from selling and buying businesses?
  • What negotiation tactics work?
  • How important is the asset vs the people in acquiring a business?

Watch: What is driving consolidation in the pharmaceutical contract services industry?

PharmaVentures partnered with Informa to deliver a live panel discussion during CPhI Worldwide in the form of a webinar.

This webinar focuses on the future of broader outsourced contract services in the Pharmaceutical Industry, which spans the Contract Development Manufacturing Sector (primary and secondary) that includes specialised biologics, excipients, fine chemicals and drug delivery, through to clinical research organisations, contract sales and more advisory based service offerings such as CMC and regulatory affairs.

Chaired by Dr Fintan Walton, CEO & Founder of PharmaVentures, the panel included:

  • Mark Bamforth, Exec. Chair and CEO, ArrantaBio
  • Amit Karna, Partner, Keensight Capital
  • Dr Thomas Dobmeyer, CEO, PharmaLex
  • Mark Andrews, Managing Director, PharmaVentures

Topics discussed: 

  • What’s shaping the future of the outsourcing industry? 
  • Will it remain fragmented or more consolidated? 
  • What is the outcome for the pharmaceutical industry? 
  • To what extent is private equity investment changing the outsourcing services business? 
  • What will the pharmaceutical services industry look like in 5 years? 

Who should watch?  Senior executives, decision makers and influencers within biopharmaceutical companies, CROs, CDMOs, Consultancies, Private Equity and Venture Capital. 

Watch: The Global Licensing Series at SEOUL BIOHUB 2020

Watch: The Global Licensing Series at SEOUL BIOHUB 2020

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Watch: The Valuation Series at SEOUL BIOHUB 2021

Watch: The Valuation Series at SEOUL BIOHUB 2021

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Watch: How is M&A Shifting the Pharma Manufacturing Landscape?

Innovative manufacturing technologies are creating fresh deal-making opportunities for Pharma Manufacturers and CDMOs across both small and large molecule sectors, which are in turn transforming the pharma manufacturing landscape.

Partnerships and mergers are a key tool for adding value to pharmaceutical companies; helping to navigate technological limitations, address portfolio challenges and chase innovation.

This webinar, delivered in partnership with PharmaVentures, examines the trends and developments driving deal-making in the current market.

Chaired by Dr Fintan Walton, CEO & Founder of PharmaVentures, the panel included:

  • John P. FitzGerald, Senior Director, Business Development & Acquisitions, Abbvie
  • Andreas Raabe, Managing Partner & Founder, Adragos Pharma
  • William S. Marth, Managing Partner, North Ocean Ventures
  • Jansen Jacob, Vice President, PharmaVentures
  • Ozgur Akbulut, Director – Global Divestments and Contract Manufacturing Lead, Takeda

What the audience said:

“Great discussion, I wish it was 2 hours.”

“Thanks for the discussion, I also had the feeling we were just starting, so time flew by quickly! Very interesting and very professional speakers. Thanks.”

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