How to Acquire Companies or Assets Successfully

PharmaVentures Podcast Series, Edition 1

In this podcast, PharmaVentures’ deal experts discuss the process of helping clients in the life sciences industry acquire or license assets or rights in specific markets or whole companies.

What does this podcast address?

  • Why do pharmaceutical companies in-license and buy new assets?
  • How does the process work?
  • How will you know if it’s a good or a bad asset?
  • What is the benefit of using advisors?
  • What advice should you heed if you are thinking about embarking on acquiring or licensing an asset?


About the Presenter:

Adrian Dawkes is a Managing Director at PharmaVentures and has been with the company since 2007. Adrian has led multiple consultancy, licensing and M&A mandates.

During his professional career, Adrian has significant multi-discipline expertise spanning research and development through to sales, marketing and business development. Adrian has over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consultancy services sectors. Adrian holds a BSc in Biochemistry and a PhD in Immunochemistry.


About the Interviewees:

Kyriakos Tzafestas is a Director at PharmaVentures.

Prior to joining PharmaVentures, Kyriakos was a life sciences consultant working with biotech companies and early-stage technologies on projects encompassing market analysis, competitive intelligence, opportunity assessment, commercialisation roadmaps, patent landscaping, valuations, and business development for research collaborations and licensing opportunities. Before commencing his professional career, Kyriakos completed a Master of Biotechnology (Distinction) at the University of Glasgow and obtained a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of York.

Ross Jenkins is a Senior Analyst at PharmaVentures with previous experience in diagnostic start-ups and commercialisation.

Prior to joining PharmaVentures, Ross worked at a multiplex immune-diagnostic start-up in New Zealand focused on both human and animal health. During this time, he was involved across all areas of the business from communications, manufacturing, quality/regulatory affairs, and market analysis. Ross holds a BSC(Hons) in Biotechnology and, a PGDip and Masters in Bioscience Enterprise from the University of Auckland.

Issue 32

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Deal Making in the Year of Covid-19

In the Spring of 2020, during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when there were real fears of a global downturn, PharmaVentures predicted that despite the forthcoming challenges, licensing and partnering would remain steady during 2020. With the year behind us, we are revisiting our deal closing predictions to see if they have held true.

Deal Making in the Year of Covid-19

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PharmaVentures advises GPCR Therapeutics on their acquisition of Burixafor

Oxford, UK, 24th November 2020

PharmaVentures today announced it has acted as an advisor to GPCR Therapeutics, Inc (GPCR) providing due diligence for their acquisition of Burixafor targeting CXCR4.

GPCR has signed an exclusive agreement with TaiGen Biotechnology Company Ltd (TaiGen) for the development of Burixafor for worldwide markets.

GPCR Therapeutics is a leading Korean biotechnology company, a world leader in the field of GPCR heteromer science and has proprietary expertise and technology applicable to the development of this class of anti-cancer targets. CXCR4 antagonism is an accepted avenue for cancer therapy and GPCR Therapeutics has significant experience and knowledge that will enable the development of Burixafor in the oncology field.

Dongseung Seen, CEO of GPCR Therapeutics, said, “This collaboration with TaiGen, which is a leading biotech company engaged in innovative molecular-based platforms with strong R&D capabilities, will lead to a long-term strategic and productive partnership. Further, it is our goal that our work together will position us to be a pre-eminent developer of anti-CXCR4 oncology drugs.”

Summer Park, Senior Business Development Director, PharmaVentures said: “In the past decade we’ve seen more exciting innovative technologies coming out of Korea. We are proud to have supported GPCR in this process which has enabled the company to further its aim of developing novel and effective anti-cancer therapies.”

Adrian Dawkes, Managing Director at PharmaVentures, added “South Korea is forging ahead with the internationalisation of its innovative biotechnology sector and we, at PharmVentures, are pleased to be able to bring our knowledge of both Korean and Western cultures to support our Korean clients with their global transactions.”

This partnering deal follows PharmaVentures’ continued successes in working with Korean companies to enable them to expand further into the international market.

About PharmaVentures

PharmaVentures is a premier transaction advisory firm; a world leader in partnering, pharma M&A deals and strategic alliances.

An unrivalled bank of specialist experience, deal analytics and network of contacts among innovators and large pharma makes PharmaVentures uniquely placed to support healthcare businesses in all aspects of deal-making and strategic planning. PharmaVentures is well known for its deep insight into deal structures and its success for generating partnering interest.

PharmaVentures Capital Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of PharmaVentures Ltd. All regulated activities are delivered through PharmaVentures Capital Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (741356). PharmaVentures Capital Ltd undertakes regulated activities for and on behalf of professional clients only as defined in the FCA handbook COBS 3.5.

Services include:

  • Pharma M&A (divestments, pharma mergers, acquisitions and strategic transactions)
  • Strategy (commercialisation, deal strategy, due diligence, market entry)
  • Valuation and Positioning (licensing, M&A, fundraising & expert testimonies)
  • Licensing (in and out licensing)
  • Expert Testimony (patent infringement, deal disagreements, taxation, determining damages)
  • Private Placement Fundraising

PharmaVentures is based in Oxford, UK, employs over 20 professionals and has associates in N. America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific.

For further information, contact:

Dr Fintan Walton


PharmaVentures Ltd

+44 1865 332 700

PharmaVentures InSights: The impact of conference cancellations on dealmaking during the Covid-19 pandemic

Can Partnering Conference Cancellations Affect Dealmaking in 2020?

We all got used to the partnering conference circuit as a means to introduce the latest developments to potential partners. So now they are all temporarily suspended whilst we overcome the current global health challenge, how do you make sure your opportunities are still getting in front of your potential partners. 
PharmaVentures has been successfully connecting buyers and sellers for over 28 years with and without partnering conferences. PharmaVentures’ CEO, Dr. Fintan Walton talks about how PharmaVentures is continuing a business as usual approach for all of our clients.